Variety of colors such as white, blue, red, green and yellow, which allow you to differentiate production batches; export or local, production dates, special productions or simply to avoid visible packaging products.

It is a colored stretch film, produced with linear low-density polyethylene film (LLDPE) designed for all types of application, providing the right gauge with high strength and extraordinary yield, with the flexibility to manufacture different lengths.

This film is manufactured in Guatemala with top of the line CAST extrusion technology, high quality raw materials and designed for manual use offering excellent holding forces for all types of cargo, allowing to differentiate production batches, manufacturing dates, different destinations, or simply to avoid visible packaging products.

Available colors: We currently have the following standard production colors:



All the above colors are available in the following lengths:

Lenght7008009001,0001,1001,2001,3001,4001,500 feet


Note: We can produce other gauges and lengths under special order subject to minimum purchase volumes.